The services provided by Vineyard Houses would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We would like to offer our profound gratitude to the following individuals and organizations:

SOS Stichting:
Website: http://www.sos-kayamandi.nl
Email: info@sos-kayamandi.nl
Tel:  0313 – 41 30 42

Home from Home:
Website: www.homefromgome.org.za
Email: info@homefromhome.org.za
Tel: +27 21 761 7251

Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Website: www.vcfstellenbosch.org.za
Email: info@vcfstellenbosch.org.za
Tel: +21 (0) 82 260 7945

Edward & Catherine Law, Winchester Vineyard Church

Evolo Marketing

Gray Swan Charitable

Municipality :  Stellenbosch

Invia Gemeente
Website: www.invia.org.za
Email: inviagemeente@gmail.com
Tel: 021 882 8339

Various Businesses and Individuals