Community-based, Supported & Supervised, Quality Foster Care for Children

“Three things will last forever, Faith, Hope, and Love, and the greatest of these is Love.”

– Paul, Apostle of Jesus 


The Vineyard Houses is a Non-Profit organization created to address the problem of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children within our local communities.

The plight of South African’s children has been well-documented and heralded in headlines around the world. Rejecting powerlessness, concerned community members have banded together with hope and hard work to create The Vineyard Houses, a locally grown, volunteer driven initiative providing supported and supervised community-based foster care for children in need, through a network of small family homes.


We are a small Community development organization providing food, shelter, and care to kids who literally have no place else to go. For these children, often coming into our Foster houses with stories of abandonment, neglect and severe abuse our team works to create a safe, nurturing and family-like environment where they can have their physical needs cared for, their psychological needs addressed and experience healing.

We are passionate about People and Foster Care Homes but our foundation lies in the whole-hearted conviction that the best way to effect real change is through relationship. In everything we do we place a priority on creating, building, nurturing and sustaining quality relationships while we accomplish our Mission.